Data Science At Gartner Innovation Center

This past summer I was lucky to work for Gartner, at their innovation center in Tel-Aviv, Israel (called “GICI”). I worked as a datascientist on three different projects: one was a BI-style project, one was on a recommendation system, and one focused on ways to leverage big-data.

GICI is a really unique place to work at. Decisions are all backed with data, all RnD is driven by insights well-thought and structurally-considered. Above all of that, the place feels more like home than an office.

GICI is very open to employee’s-led initiatives, so I was asked to give a short lecture regarding my focus on Datascience for Social Good. You can find here the lecture (in 3 parts). I’m drawing on famous case-studies without going too much into technical details. Enjoy!

Video: Part 1 ,Part 2, Part 3