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We increased conversion rates by over 20% doing this


Everything you need to know to drastically improve your SaaS onboarding completion rates.


Increase completion rates focusing on the following aspects

It is the end of 2021 and I’m leading the Growth Team for a B2B2E company (E=employees) in HRTech SaaS. We are deciding to tackle a well-known growth challenge — improving the product’s onboarding.

Any growth PM runs into this challenge at some point or another so here’s what worked for us. This is how we were able to increase E2E completion rates by over 19% and at the same time improve data contribution significantly.

TL;DR — here’s the formula:

  1. Test and improve copy.
  2. Use autosuggestions for form fields where you can.
  3. Make it configurable.
  4. Reduce clutter and unnecessary inputs.
  5. Think about measurements and critical data from the get-go.
  6. Optimization and testing.

The underlying assumptions we worked with were:

Iterate to find the perfect copy, make it configurable, and implement autosuggestions

Here’s what worked for us:

Copy and Localization

You’d be surprised how far copy will go. Since the onboarding is the first handshake a user would have with the product, it is all the more important to check whether your copy is in-line with best practices:

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Configurability and Optimization

When we wanted to A/B-test the old version for the onboarding we couldn’t since many things were hard-coded. This time we planned to build everything configurable such that we can test pretty much whatever we want going forward. This is a great piece about testing challenges you might want to check.

Consult this outstanding article for cases where testing is not possible.

Friction Minimization with autosuggestions

A handy rule of thumb: The more demanding a data field is to fill in, the easier the fill-in pattern should be. We noticed that autocomplete works like magic. And it works for others as well.

Declutter UI, design around predefined KPIs, and always be testing!

Data and measurement

This might sound obvious, but bear with me and you’d be surprised.

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To learn more: https://www.omerbenami.com/

Good resources on onboarding and activation:

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