Product Strategy & UX

I love working with early-stage startups in various capacities as a consultant. My unique global experience with product and data allows me to help startups that I love ask the right questions to grow faster and better.

Broad areas I can help with are listed below:

  1. Product strategy (product scoping, setting and tracking the right analytics, developing product principles).
  2. Growth strategy (new user onboarding, landing pages, creating a GTM strategy).
  3. Developing a product roadmap (and setting metrics for your team to make your CFO happy again).
  4. Product interviewing (and career planning).

My current consulting work

Our focus with Sorted is to improve the landing page to better reflect the product offering, and to accurately-define the product offering to better tailor the product to the potential clients This unique fintech is an amazing startup I love working with.

With Radical I'm working on design aspects and a bit of market analysis to add my 2 cents to better tailor the landing page for a client-oriented UX and growth.

Interested in picking my mind?

Get in touch regarding a consulting package via email/Linkedin.